For all Suites:

Since cats are natural hiders and this gives them a strong sense of security, we can set up all suites with a tent, a paper bag or cubbies, it all depends on what your cat prefers. For senior cats we can also provide a heating pad for their comfort.
Playroom Fun:
All our kitties are let out to play from 3 to 6 hours everyday at The Cats’ Inn. We have 6 wonderful themed playrooms to suit their individual purrsonalities = ^..^ =. We offer the Carnival room – complete with kitty ferris wheel, the Boat Dock Room – for those that like to fish, the Tropical room – for the sunbathers, the Ancient Egyptian room – for the history lovers and explorers, the Pounce and Play zone – complete with extraordinary laser fun, the meow and mellow out room – for those that like to meow between long kitty naps and last but not least the cat walks that span the entire length of facility – for those that like to strut their stuff. We also offer Independent Playtime ($5 each day) for our feline guests that like to lounge by themselves rather than with other kitties. = ^..^ =

During your cats stay:
We provide stainless steel bowls (most sanitary) for their dry food and water and a paper tray for the wet food. We offer a wide variety of both dry and wet food The Cats’ Inn. Please see a full listing of those brands and indicate this on your new reservation form under the diet category for your cat. Our foods are offered as a courtesy and convenience for our guests and no discounts will be offered for those that like to bring their own or on a special diet. Fluffy, cozy pet beds by Pet Dreams exclusively made for cat comfort are provided.

Other Benefits:
All our staff are huge cat lovers and we spend quality time with your kitty throughout the day to give them individual attention. We get to know their purrsonalities and thoroughly enjoy our time with them – it is our privilege! : We allow pick up and drop off of your cat anytime during our business hours to give you maximum flexibility. If you are unable to pick up or drop off or want to get your cat during after business hours, please see our services page on our website for our transportation services, based on availability.

On site visits:
For visiting parents, please call to make an appointment if you wish to spend some playtime with your kitty; on site visits are limited to 10 minutes in one of the playrooms. You may also take your cat outside and spend additional time there. Our playrooms are purposed for cats that are staying with us to play and exercise.

Price Change:
Effective as of Tuesday, September 11th, 2018 boarding reservations made for any boarding stay on or after Monday, November 5th are subject to the new boarding rates for our new facility with or without notification. All new suite sizes will be larger than current, brand new cat furniture and most will have window views of rolling Belmont hills. Details to follow in our email newsletter.

The Villa
$60/night for first cat, $20 each additional cat up to 4 cats

The Cottage Suite
$45/night up to one cat

The Double/Adjoining Suite
$37 first cat and $35 for second cat, up to 2 cats

The Single Suite
$30/ night

Standard Single Suite

Our standard Single Suite is purrrfect for those kitties who enjoy exploring and would rather walk around during their stay with us, returning to their suites only when they’re good and ready for a cat-nap. These Single Suites are located on our lower level, where all of the hustle and bustle takes place.

Size: Depth 2.3ft- Width 2.3ft- Height 2.8ft.
Rate: $30 per night each kitty.

Kitty Cottage

For kitties staying longer than a week, we recommend the spacious Kitty Cottage. Each cottage has its own glass door and comes with added leg room for your kitty to stretch, especially overnight. Kitty Cottages are located in a separate room from the rest of the facility, making for a quiet, relaxing atmosphere – complete with French windows and a view of the walkway outside.

Size: Depth 2.3ft- Width 2.8ft- Height 2.1ft.
Rate: $45/night up to one cat

Double Suites Downstairs

Our double Suites are great for cat families with two kitties that are more than happy to spend some quality time together in the same space. Each Double Suite is both spacious and comfortable and provides a great bonding experience for your kitties!

Size: Depth 2.5ft- Width 4.9ft- Height 2.10ft.
Rate: $37 first cat and $35 for second cat, up to 2 cats.

Adjoining Double Suites

Our Adjoining Double Suites are great for two kitties from the same family. With the sliding round door, kitties have the option to share accommodation together or stay separate as neighbors. An Adjoining Double Suite is a great option for kitties that are on separate diets and need to be separated during meal times or closely monitored as individuals.

Size: Depth 2.6ft – Width 4ft- Height 2.3ft. each suite
Rate: $37 first cat and $35 for second cat, up to 2 cats.


For larger sized families (4 to 5 kitties), you can book a Kitty Villa Suite. You can also book this suite for 1 to 2 cats if you want your kitty to have that extra space overnight. Each Villa can easily accommodate up to 5 medium sized kitties of the same family. We give them plastic stackable cubbies with beds for their comfort too. Located in our Cottage room – separate from the rest of the facility – the Villa is purrfect for those kitties who could use a little extra quiet time during their stay here at The Cats Inn.

Size: Depth 3ft- Width 4.6ft- Height 3.3ft.
Rate: $60/night for first cat, $20 each additional cat up to 4 cats.


Rate: $50 per night.